KFC Prez Is Too Chicken to Go Through With Promotion


Midtown Lunch has posted an unintentionally hilarious video of the most sheepish fast-food mea culpa since the Domino’s guy apologized for those booger sandwiches. Roger Eaton has come forward to announce that customers won’t be able to score their free chicken just yet, presumably owing to those rumored concerns about supply. “We expected an enormous response, but we never expected anything like this. Clearly America loves the great taste of Kentucky Grilled Chicken!” Sha. Customers will be able to redeem the coupons for a “rain check for another time” (Gothamist has a photo of the letter being handed out at stores), and they’ll get a free Pepsi for going to the trouble of mailing in a form and waiting for the miracle. Sorry, but this just isn’t good enough — we won’t be happy until we see James Frey sit down with Oprah and tell her, “I feel really duped. But more important, I feel that you betrayed millions of eaters.”