Gourmet’s New Food-Diary Column Seems ‘Offal’ Familiar


In case his Twitter feed wasnt illuminating enough, Gourmet asked San Francisco offal aficionado Chris Cosentino to tell them everything he ate during a day, the first installment in a series called My Day on a Plate. Dude knocks back fourteen double espressos a day, but the most shocking part of the feature is how similar it is to our own New York Diet! Ah well, as any chef can tell you, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Gourmet, when youre slotting in chefs, just remember that we already know about the eating habits of Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Dan Barber, Spike Mendelsohn, Govind Armstrong, Fabio Viviani, Andrew Carmellini, Rachael Ray, Alex Guarnaschelli, Lidia Bastianich, Anne Burrell, Marco Pierre White, Gavin Kaysen, Hung Huynh, Daniel Boulud, Odette Fada, and Eric Ripert.

My Day on a Plate: Chris Cosentino [Gourmet]