Food, Inc.: The Brooklocavore Premiere!


Okay, so you weren’t invited to the ritzy, glitzy Food, Inc. premiere because your name isn’t Dan Barber and you’re not sure you want to ride your vintage bike all the way from Gowanus to midtown, that epicenter of corporate-capitalist ickiness, for the premiere at the Times Center. Fear not! Brooklyn Based is hosting a premiere at the Bell House at 7:45 p.m. on June 10, and the $25 ticket gets you access to everything your hipster heart could desire: Brooklyn Brewery beer! Cupcakes (we assume) from Sweet Deliverance! Nunu chocolates! And of course, McClure’s pickles! There’s even a talk with Eric Schlosser and director Robert Kenner so you can ask them how exactly you can help turn the world into, well, one big Food, Inc. premiere!

Drinks On The Doc with Food, Inc. [TicketWeb]