Food, Inc.: Finally, Something Bourdain and Waters Can Both Get Behind


Guess who’s hosting the premiere of Food, Inc.? Not the one at the Times Center, but the big splashy one at the Angelika Film Center on June 9 that you’re not invited to? Alice Waters and Anthony Bourdain! Good to see they could put their differences about hot dogs aside. They’re part of a host committee that also includes Ted Allen, Tom Colicchio, Scott Conant, Wylie Dufresne, Bobby Flay, Danny Meyer, Jacques Pepin, Ruth Reichl, Eric Ripert, and Martha Stewart. And due to attend the screening are Eric Schlosser, Robert Kenner, Dan Barber, Mario Batali, Rocco DiSpirito, Susan Ungaro, Peter Hoffman, Sirio Maccioni, Silvano Marchetto, Drew Nieporent, Laurent Tourondel, and Jean-George Vongerichten. Oh, and of course Michael Pollan!

Good to see Pollan could make it — according to a Times article, Washington State University almost couldn’t afford to bring him to campus and was poised to cut The Omnivore’s Dilemma from their required reading list until an alum donated $40,000. There’s no truth to rumors that the book was cut after pressure from the state’s agribusiness interests, says the university president. Meanwhile, we wonder what Pollan would think about a British court ruling that Pringles are indeed “potato chips” despite containing less than 50 percent potato. The company is actually bummed about the ruling since they now have to fork over a whopping potato-chip tax.