Esquire Restaurant Critic John Mariani is Having Dinner at Graham Elliot Tonight

Heads up, Chef Bowles: A well-placed MenuPages spy tells us that Esquire restaurant kingmaker John Mariani is on the books for a dinner tonight at Graham Elliot, 8pm sharp.

Interestingly, Graham Elliot wasn’t included in Esquire’s 2008 list of Best New Restaurants — but since they only opened their doors in May of last year, they’re still eligible for inclusion in the 2009 roundup. Mariani makes no real attempt to be anonymous (leading to a minor kerfuffle when he allegedly submitted a list of demands in advance of a dinner at Moto), but just in case — a fair warning to the Graham Elliot staff that tonight you’ve got to be on your best behavior.

And for the rest of us, well hey — there are a few 8pm tables available at Graham Elliot this evening. If you’re free tonight, why not swing by and give John a big old hello?