Daniel Boulud Shows Off DBGB Menu and Space, Weighs in on Obama Burger


Were just back from a preview of Daniel Bouluds DBGB Kitchen and Bar, and while a photography ban prevents us from showing you images of the still-in-progress space (expected to open in June), we can show you the menu as it now stands (or as much of it as we could scribble down before the powers that be interfered). Though of course this wont be a burger joint as first rumored, there are a few of them on the menu, including a mustard-smeared Frenchie, so we just had to ask Boulud how he felt about Obama opting for Dijon. Needless to say, Chef was in complete agreement: American mustard is not good enough for hamburgers! he laughed. For the record, the chef, who will be serving a DB Dog here, also like his wieners with mustard (and sauerkraut).

The crux of this menu, as previously noted, is housemade sausages inspired by varieties from all over the world (sitting on a ladder amid temporary tables, Boulud assured media that a Berlin-style curry sausage was in the works). But thats just the start of it there will also be a tableside ice-cream cart doling out six flavors created by pastry chef Mimi Eberhardt, tete au pied dishes paying homage to the current nose-to-tail trend (bone marrow? You betcha!), shellfish platters, entres of both the surf and turf variety, and much more.

Then of course theres the much-ballyhooed tap wine, which sommelier Colin Alevras told us would cost somewhere between $5 and $7 (other wines from the glass will range from $6 to $12). Alevras, who is no longer involved with Lesly Bernard and will be working the tables here, told us hes less worried about wine snobs and more worried about beer geeks busting his chops theyre somewhere in between comic-book fan boys and rabid sports fans. His drinks menu will list 22 tap beers and 30 to 50 bottled beers ($6 and up) by alcoholic percentage.

As for Thomas Schlessers design, the surprisingly intimate but sure-to-be boisterous dining room (think Springsteen, Doors, and a lot of Talking Heads, since Boulud and David Byrne are buddies) is surrounded by dark-stained ash shelving units holding dry goods and china as well as pots from various celebrity chefs (somehow we doubt Anthony Bourdain will burst with pride when he sees his pot next to Emeril Lagasses). The kitchen is visible behind those shelves. Six plush high-backed booths run the length of the opposite wall (theyre steel-colored like much of the room). And through the kitchen is a fourteen-seat private dining room that we hear will host chefs poker night. Theres also a spacious front caf (floor plans call for 28 two-tops) where we hear a television was going to be installed at the bar until young members of Bouluds staff objected (good call).

Anyway, on to the menu. As we noted before, this is just what we managed to scribble down theres a bit more in addition to this, and everything is subject to change. Your head chef is Jim Leiken, a Grub Street favorite.

To Start
Jims matzoh ball soup - $8
Tomato bisque - $9
Oysters Parisienne - $15
Grilled octopus - $12
Red curry mussels - $10/$17
Spicy crab cake - $15
Escargot - $14
Duo of mackerel

Fruits de Mer Plateau
$30 / $60 / $90

Oysters - $3 each
Eggplant caviar - $5
Smoked salmon crostini - $7
Rilletes de jambon provencal - $7

$7 to $9

Crispy artichokes - $6
Oysters Parisienne - $4
Grilled shrimp - $8
Duck meatballs - $6
Crispy tripe - $4
Crispy lamb ribs - $7
Fries - $6

On a bun - $8 each
DBs dog

Jamon de Paris - $8
Saucisson sec de Lyon - $7
Pate champagnard - $7
Olive & anchovy - $5
Mackerel and capers - $7

Choice of 3 $9
Choice of 5 - $15

The Yankee - $11
(5 oz. beef w/lettuce, tomato, onion, on sesame bun with New York pickle)
Frenchie - $16
(w/ crispy pork belly, caramelized onion, arugula, with cornichon and mustard)
Piggie - $14
(w/ Daisy Mays pulled pork, jalapeo mayo, lettuce, Cheddar-cornbread bun with mustard vinegar slaw)
Menage a Trois all three with the works - $45
Monster any of them double stacked - add $5

Tete au pied
Fromage de tete - $10
Veal tongue sauce gribiche - $12
Roasted bone marrow - $11
Tablier de sapeur - $9
Pig trotters - $12
Ris de veau forestiere - $18

Saumon a loseille - $19
Paprika and sage crusted monkfish - $23
Skate pistou - $20
Fish & chips - $18

Steak frites - $29
Lemon and rosemary roasted chicken - $19
Roasted leg of lamb - $22

Sausages (descriptions are from press materials)
Toulouse - $12
made with pork and braised duck and comes cassoulet style.
Boudin Basque - $14
spicy blood sausage over mashed potatoes
Beaujolais - $13
inspired by the tradition of making sausages with meats marinated in red wine and then cooking the sausage in boiling hot mustwhats left in the still after making eau de vie.
Parisienne - $15
small veal links with carrots Vichy
Chipolata - $13
Viennoise - $13
made like a kaiserkrainer stuffed with cheese, served over beer steeped sauerkraut
Munichoise - $12
Anglaise - $13
Espanole - $13
chorizo style with piperade
Vermont $15
Polonaise - $11
Tuscane - $12
DB Dog - $18

Ice Cream
One scoop - $5
Two scoops - $8
Jumbo (your call) - $12
Flavors such as apricot-pistachio, beer-cherry, berry-fromage blanc

Toppings 50 cents
(such as marshamallow, vanilla cookie, etc.)

Sugar Fix
Baba au rhum - $9
Coffee almond cake - $8

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