Cook-off Kooks, Prepare for the Brooklyn Beer Experiment


The Times tells Grub Street readers what they already know: “Cook-off mania has taken hold in New York.” The world of cook-offs is said to be populated by the “young and Twitter-fluent” (just say “hipsters”!), and the reigning kings are Theo Peck (a former owner of Lansky Lounge who was going to open his own restaurant until he lost his money to Bernie Madoff) and Nick Suarez (who is known for his “heavy hand with fat and salt”). You better believe they have a cook-off of their own planned: “Their joint venture, the First Annual Brooklyn Beer Experiment, will be held on June 7 at the Bell House, a music club in the Gowanus area. Any dish that includes beer is welcome. A contest for home brewers will be held simultaneously.” “We want to take it to the next level,” they say. And that’s not all — Matt “Chili Takedown” Timms wants to take his events national. This is only going to get bigger, folks.

In New York, the Taste of Victory [NYT]