Chloe 81’s ‘Ivy’ Team Will Summer in the Hamptons

Photo: Courtesy of Solé East

First Beatrice returns to Atlantic City, now Chloe goes to Montauk! That’s right, we’re told that starting June 6, Jared Flint, Mike Townsend, and Steven Rojas, a.k.a. the team behind the “Ivy” (where the young, groovy wild things are), will be throwing Saturday pool parties at the Solé East hotel (a name almost as baffling as LEVANTeast). Confirmed D.J.’s: Harley Viera-Newton and Cassie. Staff uniforms are, of course, by Trovata. Here’s another look at the pool lounge — hipsters, meet the Hamptons.

Photo: Courtesy of Sole East