Chef: Stop Picking on the Bacon Explosion

Photo: BBQ Addicts

Grub Street readers, there’s something we have to talk about. In an article informing you that a midtown pub is serving the bacon explosion as a special, we jokingly implied that it has to be ordered a day in advance because of the crippling nausea that rolling all that meat together might cause for a chef. Maybe, just maybe we were going a bit too far. The toque at Channel 4 Pub certainly thought so, and he sent us an e-mail with the subject line “bacon explosion.”

Photo: BBQ Addicts

To those concerned:

Was a bit perplexed by the terms used in your brief article about the Bacon Explosion. “Hilarious,” “puke,” “vomit,” are all pretty aggressive words to use about a food — especially by one whom, presumably, has not had the dish. For a blog of such stature I find this pretty irresponsible, not to mention mildly detrimental, for no apparent reason, to a business and to a chef’s career.

Would think it proper to amend your statements, or send someone to have a dish that has received incredibly favorable responses from foodies in the area — if the experience matches the article, you are at least spouting truths.


David Conn
Exec. Chef, Channel 4 Pub and Restaurant