Carmellini’s Restaurant, Locanda Verde, Will Open Next Week

Photo: Melissa Hom

The name of Andrew Carmellini’s top-secret remake of Ago is finally out, thanks to Diner’s Journal. We were hoping it’d be called Parmellini and that the restaurant would be a Parmesan-themed affair, but alas, nothing that classy! It’ll be called Locanda Verde (“green inn,” if our Italian is correct — no relation to the restaurant of the same name in Montreal), which implies freshness and sounds a lot better than another name De Niro and Carmellini rejected: Greenwich Kitchen. According to Pete Wells, it opens next Tuesday. Rest assured, we’ll have more details for you before then. Update: Eater has a few details about the interior: There will be a café up front, some wine shelves, and, uh, the chandeliers will be lowered. And More: According to the Feed, designer Ken Friedman is currently antiquing in Massachusetts, in search of fixtures for Locanda Verde as well as for the Ace lobby (as we’ve reported, the latter also opens next week).

Andrew Carmellini’s New Restaurant: Locanda Verde [Diner’s Journal/NYT]