Carmellini’s Locanda Verde May Get Courtyard Seating (Plus: Menu Prices!)


Last night at Locanda Verde, Josh Ozersky was chowing down with B.R. Guest honcho Steve Hanson as well as LaFriedas Mark Pastore. Eaters Amanda Kludt was apparently also there, and while thats not quite the food-industry storm that has descended on Marea (recent tweet: Marea roll call: Anna Wintour, Gael Greene, Gail Simmons, Barry Wine, Mike Stillman, The Glaziers, Wylie Dufresne, Mark Ladner), its clear Carmellinis venture is off to a good start. We can only second Ozerskys hearty approval, though were not sure we can go near the spaghettis lamb amatriciana after hearing it described as really potent and ballsy. What we did love was the note on the bottom of the giant paper menu that read like a jab at absentee chefs: Cooking Today: Andrew Carmellini & Luke Ostrom. And we were also delighted to discover that, through some sliding doors by the restaurants open kitchen, theres a spacious private dining room complete with giant stone fireplace (its where Carmellini and Ostrom fed De Niro and Keitel during tastings). And even better, past that theres a beautiful, incredibly romantic courtyard with brick arches towering above.

Right now the courtyard is only being used for the hotels guests-only lobby bar, the Drawing Room (it was designed by Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode and closely resembles their other time capsule, the Bowery Hotels lobby), but were told that once the sailing is smooth indoors, the restaurant may also start seating people outside. At which point we will be here every night. We showed you a menu without prices before, but here were last nights offerings, complete with pastry chef Karen DeMascos desserts.

Eggplant Calabrese with mint - $6
Wild mushrooms agro dolce with garlic 7
Jersey Asparagus with oregano and orange 7
Marinated Beets with pecorino and walnuts 6
Chicken Liver crostino with vin santo and sultanas 6
Blue Crab crostino with jalapeo and tomato 9
Sheeps Milk Ricotta with sea salt and herbs 9

Gabagoul & Grana 14
Mediterranean Sardines in saor 13
Rabbit Terrina with sour cherry mostarda 15
Tosta della Casa with sergios marinated vegetables 12
Arugula Insalata with almonds, green apple, and pecorino 11
Locanda Salad with dandelion, bottarga, and a soft egg 12
Wood-Fired King Prawns with garlic, lemon and sweet pepper 13
Lamb Meatball sliders with a caprino and cucumber 11
Tripe alla Parmigiana with a fried organic egg 14
Calamari Ripieni with polenta and chorizo 14
Crispy Artichokes with yogurt and mint 13

Spaghetti with lamb amatriciana 15
Fettucine Verde with white Bolognese 16
Malfatti with pesto and Parmigiano-reggiano 14
Fiorentini with Sunday night ragu and provolone picante 18
Homemade Farfalle with clams, sweet pepper and chorizo 17
Robiolo Ravioli with spring mushrooms and vermouth 17

Roasted Trout with new potatoes and giallo sauce 19
Charcoal-Grilled Bass with scampi and zucchini 26
Sea Scallop Pugliese with rapini and chickpeas 24
Wood-Fired Broccoli Rabe Sausage with fagioli stufato 19
Grilled Hanger Steak with pastore potatoes and peperonata 25
Beef Short Ribs in sugo cacciatore with cavolini 26
Fire-roasted Garlic Chicken for Two 19 per person
Porchetta the way I like it 22

Organic Broccoli modo mio 6
Yellow Wax Bean with lemon, almond and mint 7
Rustic Potatoes with garlic and parmigiano-reggiano 6

Toasted Almond Semifreddo (bing cherries) 8
Raspberry-Pistachio Cake (raspberry stufato, fior di latte) 9
Lemon Tart (buttermilk gelato, limoncello granita) 8
Sheeps Milk Ricotta Panna Cotta (strawberries and rhubarb) 9
Chocolate Torta (spiced caramel, cardamom gelato) 9
La Fantasia di Tropicale for Two (ginger gelato, lime granita, white chocolate crema, passion fruit caramel, champagne mango, golden pineapple, coconut cake) 15
Karens Homemade Biscotti Misti 8
Gelati (rice custard, malted milk chocolate, hazelnut) 7
Sorbetti (cherry, rhubarb, coconut) 7

Caprino Capra, Bosino Robbiola, Meadow Creek Dairy Grayson, Salva Cremosa, Gorganzola Dolce, Quadrello di Bufala, Blue di Moncensio
One - 5
Three 12
Five 15
Seven - 19