Cabrito Steps Up Its Hearts-and-Parts Game

Photo: istockphoto

Cabrito’s chef David Schuttenberg tells us that about a month ago, the restaurant started getting whole animals from their butcher: “It’s the responsible thing to do — to go local, sustainable, whole animal … ” That’s why in addition to those off-the-menu goat-belly tacos, you’ll now see specials like a seared goat’s heart on the menu (it’s served over fideos) and a stuffed pig’s foot that was inspired by the Au Pied de Cochon cookbook. Schuttenberg makes his stuffing from shank meat along with housemade chorizo, almonds, raisins, chile powder, and mescal — then he slow-cooks the hoof and breads it. Only four orders are available on nights when it’s a special — get there early tomorrow and you might get lucky.