Barber, Pollan Get Behind Latest Locavore Flick


Food, Inc. isn’t the only upcoming documentary bent on rattling the proverbial cages of the factory-farm industry. The trailer for Fresh starts with a clip of Michael Pollan talking from on high and goes on to show the Virginia farmer from Omnivore’s Dilemma (and Food Inc.), Joel Salatin, waxing poetic about the sun glistening against the early-morning dew. Other folks who make an appearance: Will Allen, a sustainable farmer and entrepreneur; David Ball, a locavore supermarket owner; and Russ Kremer, an industrial farmer who rethought his use of antibiotics after he was gored by one of his hogs and almost lost his life to an infection. Is Dan Barber onboard with this? You bet your sweet beets he is! He’ll be speaking (along with Allen and Salatin) at a May 27 screening at NYU’s Cantor Film Center. There will also be a series of promotional dinners (with Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy’s No.43, for instance) and the website promises that a “call to action” is coming soon. Natch. If you want a quick Barber fix in the meantime, see him talking about sustainable foie gras, or peep his Beard-award speech.