Bar Carrera Gets Outdoor Seats, New Chef From WD~50

Photo: Ben Rosenzweig

This weekend we noticed that Bar Carrera’s Houston Street location has added some sidewalk tables — three four-tops — to correspond with its new hours (it’s opening at 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays). It’s not the only change afoot — wd~50 sous-chef Kevin Heston has taken over the kitchens of both the Houston Street and Second Avenue locations, and has added menu items such as a made-to-order tortilla (Americans apparently don’t like their eggs sitting around all day at room temperature), fried anchovies with artichoke slaw, a roasted-red-pepper salad, and pancakes (yes, pancakes!) stacked with membrillo paste and topped with olive-oil powder. It’s a little-known fact that Bar Carrera had been getting many of its dish components from wd~50 (Wylie Dufresne is said to have inspired the original menu), but now they’ll all be prepared in-house. There are also tweaks to existing dishes — the croquettes now change every day, and the shrimp is now prepared with olive and caper paste. See the new menu below.

Photo: Ben Rosenzweig

MANZANILLA OLIVES traditional style olives with pits
MARCONA ALMONDS roasted with sea salt & cumin
WHITE ANCHOVIES marinated in lemon & olive oil

JAMON WRAPPED DATES stuffed with Marcona almonds
SHRIMP & CHORIZO sautéed tiger shrimp with chorizo
GOAT CHEESE olive oil, smoked paprika & mini baguette
SPICY CHORIZO sliced, dry-cured Spanish sausage
PATATAS BRAVAS potatoes with smoked paprika aioli
PAN CON TOMATE tomato purée on a toasted mini brioche topped with powdered olive oil
CROQUETAS DEL DIA Spanish fritter made with seasonal ingredients

JAMON SERRANO 18-month cured Spanish ham
BOQUERONES FRITOS lightly fried white anchovies served with artichoke lemon dip
SMOKED SALMON mascarpone & black caviar on a toasted mini brioche, drizzled with honey
GAMBAS wild shrimp sautéed in garlic, white wine, olive caper paste & croutons
EGG IN A BLANKET truffled egg in a mini brioche with Serrano ham & melted Manchego cheese
ALBONDIGAS de CORDERO lamb meatballs filled with tetilla cheese, served with sliced mini baguette
PORK BELLY caramelized with juniper sugar & chick pea purée
JAMON BOCADILLO Serrano ham & Manchego cheese on toasted mini brioche
CHORIZO BOCADILLO traditional Spanish sausage served in a mini baguette with yellow-pepper mustard
MORCILLA BOCADILLO traditional Spanish blood sausage served in a mini baguette with yellow-pepper mustard
TORTILLA DEL DIA Spanish omelette cooked to order with seasonal ingredients

ROASTED RED BELL PEPPERS crusted goat cheese crouton & sherry vinaigrette
BABY ARUGULA piquillo pepper, Manchego cheese, olive &
date paste
VINE-RIPENED TOMATOES goat cheese, baby arugula & sherry vinaigrette

PLATOS (served with mini baguette) - $15
PLATO de QUESO assorted Spanish cheeses
PLATO de CARNE assorted Spanish cured meats
PLATO COMBINADO assorted Spanish cured meats & cheeses
PLATO JAMON A LA CAMPAGNA (when available) 18-month Serrano with fresh Mozzarella di Bufala

DULCE - $5
PANCAKES layered with quince paste, olive oil powder & honey
FRESAS strawberries with mascarpone on mini brioche, hazelnuts & a drizzle of chestnut honey
BELGIAN CHOCOLATE chunks of pure dark, milk & white chocolate
GARROTXA mild, semi-hard goat cheese with quince paste & honey