Alan Cumming Gets the Bum’s Rush at Momofuku Ssäm

Photo: Patrick McMullan

If you thought Jimmy Fallon getting tossed from a pie joint was good stuff, wait till you hear about Alan Cumming getting the boot from Momofuku Ssäm last Wednesday night. We’re not clear about the source of this story, but Alan Cumming describes a staff member fed up with the thespian’s friends coming and going throughout the night: “This tall, agitated man — who had not introduced himself as an employee of the restaurant — appears. He told us that because some of us had joined an existing booking we couldn’t have the table anymore and we had to leave.” Cumming continues: “I asked, ‘So we’re in your restaurant and we’ve ordered food and wine, the wine has already arrived and you’re now telling us to leave?’ The only good thing to come out of it is in their rush to turf us out they hadn’t given me the bill.” Ha! So there you go, Gael Greene — now you don’t have to feel bad that Ko didn’t want your stinkin’ money.

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