Ace Hotel Will Open Lobby Bar Next Week, Breslin in July

Photo: Courtesy of the Breslin

While we’re talking hotel restaurants, let’s turn our attention to the Breslin at the Ace Hotel. According to a receptionist, the Spotted Pig team is aiming to open it sometime in July, but in the meantime the lobby bar (also operated by the Breslin folk) will open May 14 — “for hotel guests only.” It’ll be located in the back of the lobby, where there’s vintage furniture and a wall salvaged from an old Park Avenue apartment. We hear the Breslin has scored an events manager from Le Bernardin, Kate Zmigrodski, and that the staff will be outfitted in Converse shoes. No word on the rest of the uniforms, but somehow we doubt they’ll be as hard-core as the ones featured in the Post’s slideshow of cocktail-waitress dresses at places like Rose Bar and Goldbar. Some of them look kind of like what you’d wear if you answered this Craigslist ad calling for waitresses at Flashdancers, or even better, an ad calling for topless servers at a “pimps and hos” boat party.