A Tale of Two Burger Clubs: Burger Club and Burger of the Month Club


You know what’s funny about today’s Times story about the Burger of the Month Club? No, it’s not the fact that people would go around grading hamburgers on a chart. That’s old news! In fact, the funny part is that it’s just like another one that ran in the paper five years ago, about a burger club started by one Elyse HF Maxwell. Even then, when your editor attended one of the Burger Club’s meetings at P.J. Clarke’s (it was intense — a meat scale was used), burger clubs were numerous. Take Gordon Hull’s, for instance. And now you have Burger Club NY and countless others. Can we just please retire this whole trope? Maybe move on to gazpacho club or something?

Meanwhile, in other burger-taste-test news, BlackBook accepted the Benjamin Steak House challenge, declaring that restaurant’s burger the winner among a few others. Amazingly, one of the burgers (provided by Benjamin Steak House, natch) was supposed to be Corner Bistro’s, and yet one of the judges is the kid who was involved in the infamous burger beatdown. Dude!

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