Is Your Butcher a Vegetarian?

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine

The mass-meat industry’s carbon footprint and jungle of growth hormones compels some sustainability-minded foodies to wrench meat from their diets, or at least cut back. In reverse logic, some vegetarians are channeling those concerns by opening butcher shops that sell humanely produced meat from small farms. Sasha Wizansky, founder of San Francisco’s Meatpaper magazine, tells Gourmet: “We’re experiencing a new movement of people who can stand behind the meat that they consume and support local farmers.” Those who forgo meat out of pure animal love can’t be too happy about the turncoats, and the feature already has a few comments like “This article is propaganda on behalf of those who profit from the slaughter of animals” and “there is no such thing as humanely produced meat.” Since most foodies agree the meat industry could use some enlightenment, promoting alternatives to mass slaughterhouses may be one way to do it. Hear that, PETA?

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