Beatrice Inn Can’t Reopen Yet; Seamless Web Goes Mobile


The Beatrice Inn cannot reopen until additional fire sprinklers, a wider entrance, and another exit are installed. [NYP]

• New guidelines from the Department of Education mean that, come fall, all drinks sold in NYC schools will have a maximum of 25 calories. [NYP]

• SeamlessWeb is introducing a mobile service so users can order from their phones when, say, they’re trapped in a meeting or don’t want to get up from the couch to get their computers. [City Room/NYT]

• Pepsi is suing Coca-Cola over an ad that claims Powerade is a more complete sports drink than Gatorade. [Crain’s]

• Mexico is angry about a European ad for Burger King that shows a short wrestler wrapped in a Mexican flag. [Yahoo! Finance]

• A man was arrested at JFK after trying to smuggle over $400,000 worth of heroin disguised as candy bars. [NYP]