Toby Young, the $1,093 Man, Gets Into Bike Bang-up

Photo: Toby Young

Okay, so the eBay auction is over and we’re not kidding — someone paid $1,093 to sup with Toby Young in Las Vegas. But their dinner companion isn’t going to be easy on the eyes, because Young writes on his blog that he recently took a nasty spill on his bike (“hopes of becoming a male supermodel have now been dashed … ”). Toby thinks the guy who hit him (and then gave him a wrong number before fleeing the scene) didn’t see him, but, uh … either way, the photo he posted on Facebook is pretty wince-inducing (“Greeted enthusiastically by another adoring fan, Toby?” asks a commenter) and causes us to wonder if he should maybe take some time to recover? We’ll understand if you have to take a season off, Toby. No, really …

Bicycle Accident [Toby Young via Eat Me Daily]