The Shocking Truth About In-N-Out Burger

Most of us know or care little more about In-N-Out Burger than the fact that their sandwiches are great, and they have a not-very-secret “secret menu” for those in the know. But did you ever wonder why their burgers are so danged good, and why, given the danged-good quality of the food, they’re not in more states?

The chain’s reticent upper management is glad to keep things quiet, but BusinessWeek staff writer Stacy Perman managed to compile enough information about the small, cult-favorite burger chain to write a book. Turns out their big, closely guarded secrets include using fresh ingredients that they process themselves, paying their well-trained employees a living wage, and only expanding when they have enough expert managers to do so. Pretty radical stuff!

Check out an excerpt from the book and an interview with the author at BusinessWeek.

[Photo: Via greychr/flickr]


The Shocking Truth About In-N-Out Burger