Update: The Secret Dishes at David Chang’s Secret Street Cart

Clockwise from top left: Lamb shawarma with pickled beets and rice; pork bun with sesame sprinkled rice cakes; lunchers noshed at two picnic tables; condiments.

More details about David Chang and Christina Tossi’s street cart: We hear that only 150 lucky lunchers were invited, but the person who ushered in Alexandra Vallis, our correspondent on the scene, wasn’t too strict about that whole password thing. In addition to the menu items you’ve already seen, Chang is preparing a “dealer’s special,” meaning that he surprises you with a dish such as, say, foie gras with pickled ramps, duck salad, and if you’re really, really lucky — lamb shawarma. Current crowd status: “Not packed.”

Tosi, far left, and Chang, center, prepping for the rush.Photo: Alexandra Vallis