Steakhouse Follies: Server Who Sued Ruth’s Chris Now Sues Strip House

Photo: Shanna Ravindra

The Strip House and its owner, the Glazier Group, are the latest to be sued for overtime and minimum-wage violations. Ian Matheson, who worked at the restaurant from March 2007 to November 2009, has hired Outten & Golden LLP (which has also brought cases against Bobby Flay’s restaurants, Craftbar, and others) to bring a class-action lawsuit against the restaurant. Attorney Justin M. Swartz says in a statement, “Strip House’s success, and the success of the Glazier Group, comes at the expense of their hourly service workers. These workers have been denied proper minimum wages, overtime compensation, customer gratuities, and reimbursement for uniform expenses and other earned wages.” Interestingly, the plaintiff, Matheson, was also part of a class-action suit against Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, brought by a different attorney late last year. Guy, it may be time to find a new line of work…