Standard Hotel’s Restaurant Likely to Be Named After Balazs Babies

Photo: HotelChatter

Details have been slow to emerge about the Standard Hotel’s ground-floor restaurant, opening in about a month. The Times recently got a tour and admitted to having mixed feelings about the recycled-brick interior (HotelChatter has a spy photo) and the “quaintly European” garden café: “Over all the effect feels about as genuine as a Hollywood back lot.” As of now, we still don’t know what to call the restaurant, but we’re hearing from a source inside the hotel (and it has been confirmed by a rep) that André Balazs is likely to incorporate the names of his two daughters, Alessandra and Isabel. Hmmm. So will a typical night in the meatpacking involve hopping from Abe & Arthur’s to Alessandra & Isabel’s, followed by dancing at Simyone and Bijoux?