Sing Sing Opens New Bar: Summer of ’09 Will Be All About ‘Summer of ’69’

The Avenue A location.
The Avenue A location. Photo: Yun Cee Ng

Karaokeheads, you probably thought it couldn’t get any better than the opening of Baby Grand, the Lilliputian bar where a husband-and-wife team lead the sing-alongs and occasionally buy everyone a round of “Liquid Courage.” But boy, do we have news: Ever-popular Sing Sing is aiming to open a West Village spinoff, called Karaoke Boho, sometime this summer. It’ll be located at 181 West 4th Street, in the old Polly Esther’s space, and Sing Sing manager Joel Lim tells us it’ll likely have a song list and setup similar to the original’s, with a contest just like the one that occurs there on the second Tuesday of the month. Lim says, “We’re going to try to attract people who love the area,” and we’ll say this much — given the block’s popularity with freaks, geeks, and trannies, Boho is going to give the madness at Lucky Cheng’s a run for its money. Just don’t even think about singing Creed.