Finally, Your First Look at the Latest Unmarked Bar!


Readers, readers! Chillax. How quickly you turn! Grub Street attempts to seduce you with tales of an unmarked bar above a burrito joint, and you jump on your humble editor. Screw you! says one commenter. So this is the real you! A peep showing, teasing, effete snob, says another. Whoa, whoa you know were going to hook you up with the address. In fact, just to show you we dont reek of pretentiousness, well do it right now!

No, Down by the Hipster and Eater, the bar isnt above Pinche. Its above the new Qdoba on Sixth Avenue!!! What? Not excited!? Whos the snob now! The details are as described except the place is likely to get signage when it snags a liquor license and is christened Su Casa (at the moment, it isnt serving hey, all we said was that we were up there). And okay, maybe we didnt mention the flat-screen TVs behind the bar. And yes, there are U-booths, but Su Casa will please fans of PDT about as much as a hit of lukewarm blueberry schnapps.

So why would we leave you hanging like this? What can we say its been a couple of weeks since the last speakeasy alert. The theatrics over Woodson and Ford, Cabin Down Below, and Raines Law Room are already fading memories (Metromix just killed any mystery the latter still had by penning a junior thesis about it). And with the days of Milk & Honeys secret number long gone, we sensed you were just itching for another cock-tease (thats when a blog or a daily newsletter coyly keeps you guessing about how to get your hands on a cocktail).

Sorry if we let you down. (Unless you actually do want to drink above a Qdoba in which case youre welcome for the slideshow!) To make up for it, well share another secret. Theres a downtown hidden bar where not just cigarette smoke but weed is constantly in the air during packed parties. The owners dont seem to mind the fog. We really cant say much more because the law is involved, but do enough night crawling and youll find it .... Happy hunting!

Su Casa Bar, above Qdoba Mexican Grill, 404 Sixth Ave., nr. W. 8th St.; 212-677-0600

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