Paterson Moves to Replace State Liquor Authority Chair Daniel Boyle

Photo: Courtesy of State Liquor Authority

Changes are afoot at the State Liquor Authority, not yet a month after offices were raided on suspicion of bribery. A press release reprinted by the Observer indicates that Governor Paterson has moved to replace State Liquor Authority chair Daniel Boyle with Assistant Attorney General Dennis Rosen. The release doesn’t say why Boyle (one of the Observer’s most powerful real-estate players) is out of the job, but you’ll recall he previously locked horns with the governor’s office when he accused a Paterson aide of exerting pressure to renew the Cipriani liquor license. Of his replacement, the release says: “Mr. Rosen has extensive experience investigating violations of New York State laws regulating the sale of wine and spirits. From September 2005 to December 2006, he was the lead attorney in a statewide investigation of pay-to-play practices within the industry. The investigation concluded with many of the liquor industry’s largest manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers agreeing to court orders which imposed heavy fines and ended various pay-to-play practices that had created an unlevel playing field.”

Daniel Boyle Is Done as State Liquor Authority Chairman [NYO]