NYC Still Not the Sandwichiest City of Them All

Photo: Ana Leticia’s Flickr

With the magazine pointing at a bánh mì renaissance this week and Crosby Connection’s sandwich bar poised to open next Monday (or so the Bleecker Street Theatre tells us), Grub Street is just back from an overseas recon mission to see what happens when a metropolis is completely overrun by pork sandwiches. Folks, if Lisbon is any indicator, Gotham will soon have a “snack bar” on every block, where you can eat sammies standing up (note to Num Pang: It speeds things up, and is totally acceptable, to just serve the ones that have been sitting in the display window all day). And at least one neon-trimmed truck will serve them till dawn, along with one of the most perverse versions of a “cachorrao” (hot dog) ever witnessed. As a thanks to Ben Leventhal for minding the home front last week, here’s the secret recipe revealed!

1. Microwave a thick, foot-long hot dog in a hero roll.
2. Squirt a disgusting amount of ketchup onto it.
3. Add a frightening amount of mayo.
4. Slop on some boiled corn(!!).
5. Add some shredded carrots(!!).
6. Best part: Top it all with shredded Ruffles potato chips.

Apologies to This Is Why You’re Fat — we didn’t snag a photo, though the Brazilian one you see here is similar. Harry Hawk, don’t even think of bringing these things to Water Taxi Beach.