NYC Food Film Festival Returns With Peeps Documentary


Forget Tribeca! The NYC Food Film Festival, founded by George Motz (Hamburger America) and Harry Hawk (Water Taxi Beach), will return on June 13 with an event at Astor Center (ticket-holders can sample the Tennessee buttermilk featured in the film Buttermilk: It Can Help and mutton from RUB while watching Mutton: The Movie, about Kentucky barbecue), with subsequent events at Water Taxi Beach’s soon-to-open South Street Seaport location. This year the festival has a mixologist(!!), Marshall Altier of Insieme and Fatty Crab — who knows, maybe he’ll dream up a honey cocktail for the screening of Save the Honey Bees, a seven-minute flick about colony-collapse disorder at Stone Barns. The schedule is still coming together, but it currently includes a documentary about Peeps and a mushroom field guide soundtracked by the Flaming Lips. Speaking of engrossing food flicks— check out the trailer for the latest agribusiness documentary, Food, Inc., in theaters sometime this summer.