Navy Yard Go-Go Dive Is Really Just a Nice, Quiet Place

Photo: Daniel Maurer

As far as we’ve always been concerned, the less questions asked about the shady and endangered Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge, the better (again, we once saw things happen on a pool table there that definitely would’ve given The Color of Money an NC-17 rating), but kudos to the Times’ new Fort Greene blog for sitting down with the proprietor, Steve Frankel, who admits that, sure, he’s been busted for backroom action in the past, but for the most part the ages-old ironworkers bar has been cleaned up. “This is our Cheers,” says a bartender. So there you have it — Brooklyn’s “scariest bar” is where everyone knows your name (and where the bartender’s name is Mystique).

Uncertainty for ‘Scariest Bar in Brooklyn’ [Local/NYT]