Moby and Jemaine Clement Walk Into a Health-food Café…


A freelancer frittering her day away at Earthmatters writes in to chirp about her just-now encounter with Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords. Playing supporting roles: Moby and a “crazy gay Cambodian tarot cardreader.”

so sitting in earthmatters on ludlow st when in walks jemaine from flight of the concords with his new son and wife. i hit it off with son, named sophocles and wifey while literally 3 inches on the bench from jemaine. im sitting with one leg under my butt kind of, and this crazy gay cambodian tarot cardreader thats been trying to talk to everyone in this cafe all morning starts trying to talk to all of us and tells me i am sending jemaine and his family negative energy by having the sole of my foot face them. so i am embarrassed and immediately put it down. (im innocently trying to be lowkey with my laptop) jemaine and family are horrified by his comment to me and say, ‘no i think she has quite positive energy.’ then crazy guy asks them if they are jewish for some weird reason. (they’re not) and we’re all awkward and have to become table buddy friends and i end up playing with little sophocles. then 20 minutes later moby in an unrelated entrance walks in and orders some vegan food. it was a total celebrity clusterfuck. maybe chloe sevigny will walk in next.