Mediavore: Another Layer Of Armor

• Michael Bauer responds to some criticism of his Top 100 picks. He says he has a thick skin about it, but he wants you to sign your name when you hurl your barbs. [SF Chronicle]

• Berkeley’s three farmers markets are going to start charging customers $0.25 per plastic bag, in an effort to encourage customers to reduce waste by reusing their own bags. [Food Gal]

• The Obama administration’s response to the pistachio salmonella scare signifies a shift in food policy to one that’s tough on safety. [NY Times]

• Planning geeks, gadflies, and insomniacs may want to attend tonight’s public hearing for the Presidio development proposal, which includes plans for a new museum, theater, and restaurant. [Indy Bay]

• Wisconsin is cracking down on squirrel feeding because of worry about nut allergies. [Chicago Tribune]


Mediavore: Another Layer Of Armor