L’Asso Introduces Clam Pie and, Yes, Stumptown Coffee

Photo: Joel Barhamand

After taking aim at Artichoke with its artichoke pie, L’asso is now shooting across the bow of its neighbor Lombardi’s by introducing a clam pie (it’s on the specials chalkboard for now and may soon make the permanent menu). Freshly shucked clams are sautéed in wine and thrown on the pie along with garlic, parsley, pecorino, and cracked pepper. Nineteen dollars gets you a twelve-incher (keep in mind, the clam pie at Lombardi’s is $26). L’asso tells us it’ll also be serving Stumptown coffee starting this week (it’s just awaiting a Fecto brewing machine and staff training), and there’s also a new mozzarella, Parmesan, and oregano slice.