First Look at Baby Grand, the Cutest Karaoke Bar Ever


Mike Uy, a former trader, and his artist wife, Raylene Gorum, have opened a tiny bar (the sort of convivial gem youd find in Tokyo) thats sure to blow nearby Mulberry Street Bars karaoke night out of the water. Baby Grand (located off of, yes, Grand Street) fits just 25 people, but if youre one of them, you can karaoke on its tiny stage (for $1 a song) anytime from 4 p.m. till 2 a.m. (and till 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays). The bar is so small that it only stocks bottom ($8) and top ($10) shelf varieties of each liquor, but it serves espresso drinks, signature cocktails (the White Afghan is a White Russian made with chai liqueur instead of Kahlua; the Sparkling Flower combines Champagne and elderflower), and the best part: bubble-tea cocktails such as the Monk, combining black bubble tea with shochu and Frangelico. On Sunday nights theres a Guitar Hero party, and on Monday nights the songbook of 18,000 English songs (the same one youll find at Sing Sing and Planet Rose) is narrowed down to selections from musicals, TV themes, and glam rock the queeny stuff, says Mr. Uy. Readers, were telling you about this place under the strict condition that you keep it to yourself.

Baby Grand, 161 Lafayette St., nr. Grand St.; 212-219-8119