Jacques Torres, Boatman and Bon Vivant, Gives Away Free Kisses


Looks like Jacques Torres is milking that letter from Hersheys for all its worth not only does dude get a page in the Post today, but according to the Feed, hes churning out 10,000 free samples of his Champagne kiss next Wednesday, when you can stop into the store and vote on whether it tastes like a Hersheys kiss. Cute and all, but what we really love about Torres today? The Wall Street Journal piece about his houseboat, hilariously named Mr. Chocolate. Thats right, as if it wasnt badass enough that hes a member of the Beaujolais Biker Brigade, Torres lives year-round on a boat thats docked in a Jersey marina (except when his wife visits, since boating and high heels dont go together). Check out The Wall Street Journal's envy-inducing (and if youre easily seasick, nausea-inducing) video.

Jacques Torres: Living Large on A Small Boat [WSJ]