Dinner With Toby Young: Proof That Top Chef Will Be in Vegas?

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

After the ’bag begged Bravo to hire G.G. Allin’s cremated remains as a guest judge rather than Toby Young, the evil baldie and Google Alert addict confirmed with the site that he’ll indeed be back for another season, and plugged a “dinner with Toby Young” auction on eBay. (“I can’t blame you for hating me,” Young writes. “If I was a viewer I’d much prefer to watch Gail, too.”) What’s interesting about the dinner is that a) people have actually bid on it, and b) it takes place in Las Vegas in May. Now, Tom Colicchio told Charlie Rose that the new season films in May. Which lends credence to rumors that next season will take place in Vegas. (Mind you, another report has the show invading Seattle.) As always, if you have any intel (especially pertaining to New York cheftestants), e-mail us.

Toby Young Confirms That Yes, He Will Be On Top Chef Next Season. What’s More You Can Pay to Eat With Him [The Feedbag]