High-End Restaurants Forge Ahead; Street Vendors Protest


• It’s a terrible time to open a giant high-end restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that restaurateurs aren’t forging ahead. [NYT]

• The beef industry is spending millions to find new cuts of meat that will appeal to consumers. [NYT]

• The Street Vendor Project and some community advocacy groups want to hugely raise the cap on street-vendor licenses to combat joblessness. [City Room/NYT]

• Restaurateur Chris Cannon is currently in talks to open a pizzeria after Marea is up and running. [W via Eater]

• Fans of NBC’s Chuck are buying foot-longs at Subway to demonstrate their buying power and try to convince the network the show should stay on the air. [Crain’s]

• In an effort to minimize water and food waste, colleges are cutting out cafeteria trays. [NYT]