‘Gourmonsters’ Finally Mail Letter to Obama

Photo: Chefs Collective

Carla Spartos, who ranted today against “food police” members Alice Waters, Michael Pollen, and Tom Colicchio for being “gourmonsters”, might want to brace herself for this one. Chefs Collaborative has announced that it is finally mailing the letter it penned to Obama back in February — just in time for Earth Day! By our count, not all that many New York chefs joined Mario Batali, Dan Barber, Peter Hoffman, and Michael Romano in signing the document, but among the ones who did are Waldy Malouf (Beacon), Carmen Quagliata (Union Square Café), and Anthony Fusco and Joe Isidori (Harbour). Members of the Collective will also start serving a “Yes We Can” cocktail (served in a canning jar — get it?) made with “artisan bourbon” and rhubarb compote.