Gonzo Wine Guy Uncorks Seven-Figure Book Deal

Photo: RJ Mickelson/Veras for New York Magazine

Two years ago, New York interviewed Gary Vaynerchuk, who in a year had “attracted a cult following for his unpretentious, gonzo approach to wine appreciation.” Well, the wine guy has scored a seven-figure deal with HarperStudio for ten books that will forgo sipping and distance spitting for self-help tips, reports The Wall Street Journal. Vaynerchuk has emerged as a marathon Twitterer with 145,000 followers, whom he expects will purchase his first installment, Crush It! Turn Your Passion Into Profits in a Digital World (out in September), as a “thank-you play.” Will people really cough up cash for a print edition when they can get the advice for free? He sold his passion for wine pretty decisively.

Twitter’s “Garyvee” Vaynerchuk Gets A Book Deal [WSJ]
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