Gabrielle Hamilton Has Mixed Feelings About the Beards — and Apparently About Pork, Too

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Prune’s self-confessed contrarian, Gabrielle Hamilton, is honored that she’s nominated for a Beard despite her “mixed feelings” about the awards — but she tells the Feed that being the only female nominee is bittersweet: “It means it fucks things up, and undermines all the potential joy of the nomination. In a way I tend not to spin out on that stuff. I can’t help but think they needed to pick a girl, and of the girls, I’m pretty good. I could go down that path for hours, but I’m not going to.” So what’s Hamilton truly jazzed about? Making tofu! (Maybe she should enter the tofu takedown?) “I like that it’s contrary to the pork craze,” says the chef. “Pork is hot, but isn’t it great to be eating something else?”

The Road to the Beards: Gabrielle Hamilton [Feed/TONY]