First Taste: Red Mango’s Mysterious New Tangomonium Flavor

Photo: Courtesy of Red Mango

Two days before its launch date, we’ve gotten our greedy little hands on a sample of Red Mango’s new Tangomonium flavor. The verdict: While it delivers a bit of Creamsicle-esque refreshment, it also has a powdery undertaste (sort of like mashed potatoes made from mix) and a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of chugging a zero-calorie vitamin-water drink. Alexandra Vallis, a Pinkberry devotee, offered this first reaction: “Ew, no.” She thought it tasted like Sabor Latino yogurt (true dat), but not necessarily in a good way. And finally, members of Team MenuPages — all of them Red Mango nuts — said they wouldn’t switch to this flavor: “It’s not as creamy as the original,” said Boston editor Leila Cohan. “It tastes more like Pinkberry. It’s citrusy but not tangy. Elsa [Marvel] thought it tasted a little like children’s medicine. I felt like it was reminiscent of crushed-up Smarties. There’s a LOT of fake-mango action happening as well.” The flavor hits stores this Saturday, with free samples from noon till 4 p.m. Let us know what you think.