La Goulue Gets More Time; Meat Is Seasonal Too


• Though there’s plenty of talk about seasonal vegetables, few realize that meats also have a season. [Food/Atlantic]

• UES mainstay La Goulue has been given a short stay of execution and will close on June 24 instead of April 5. [NYT]

• Three vendors are trying to force Town into involuntary bankruptcy. [Eater]

• It is now possible to walk into the Waverly Inn and get a reservation. [Gawker]

• Traditional Portuguese Easter-food traditions, such as whole roasted lambs, kid goats, and suckling pigs, are alive and well in Newark. [NYT]

• The owners of shuttered nightclub Lotus can’t pay vendors back in full because they lost money to Bernie Madoff. [NYP]

• Hamptons restaurateur Ed Kleefield was arrested after he turned himself in for writing almost $300,000 worth of bad checks. [NYP]