Early Oyster Wine Predictions

Ask any dining partner we’ve had and they’ll tell you we are like a toddler when trying to pick out a wine. This usually doesn’t matter, since squealing, “I want a red one!” or “pink is for girls!” seems to get the point across well enough.

But sometimes you want subtlety, and one of those times would be when you’re dealing with something as delicate as fresh oysters, as they do in the Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition. Yes, that’s a thing. Aren’t you glad that exists?

We’re getting to the end of the traditional oyster season, but thanks to kumamotos, that doesn’t really make much of a difference anymore. Those are exactly the oysters they used in the competition, for which Chronicle columnist Jon Bonné was a judge. Here’s what he says about stuff:

Official results won’t be out until next week, but I can share my top picks from the roster. They were, not surprisingly, names that I’ve had surface high on my list in past years. The 2007 Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc took my top spot. Next was the 2007 Elodian Sauvignon Blanc from Tom Eddy Wines (which I still could swear had some semillon in it, though not being able to smell the wines, is a half-baked guess on my part). The top five was rounded out by the 2008 Kunde Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc, and two Oregon wines, the 2008 Anne Amie Pinot Gris and the 2008 Sweet Cheeks Pinot Gris.

It’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you got this handy map. Time to eat some oysters and drink some wine! [Via SF Gate]


Early Oyster Wine Predictions