Di Palo’s Gastronomia on Track for Next Month


Its been a while since weve checked in with Di Palos plan to expand next door. Lidia Bastianichs go-to for Italian delicacies (foot-tall chocolate Easter eggs!) opened its wine shop last year and is aiming to finish expansion of the cheese shop next month. Lou Di Palo tells us hes aiming to transform his familys cramped digs of over 80 years into a proper Italian gastronomia selling prepared foods made from the stores meats, cheeses, sauces, and condiments. Thats welcome news, considering that at the moment, the under-the-radar homemade lasagna is a steal at $5.99 per pound. And were hoping this means the stromboli (a greasy, thin-crust bomb of ham, prosciutto, salami, and cheese) will be more consistently available at the moment its put out on the counter seemingly at random, and you have to call a day in advance to request it. Trust us, its worth it.