BYO on the Rise; Rick Laakkonen in at Delmonico’s


• BYO is on the rise, thanks to restaurateurs looking to maintain sales. [NRN]

• Former River Café chef Rick Laakkonen is now in the kitchen at Delmonico’s. [Feedbag]

• Mexico is testing Smithfield Food hogs, but the company denies any responsibility for the swine-flu outbreak. [WSJ]

• Since pork isn’t kosher, Israel’s deputy health minister would prefer swine flu to be called Mexican flu. [NYP]

• Boxed wine is better than ever, and now even DOC-quality wines can be sold in a box. [Bloomberg]

• Long-shuttered Chumley’s has been hit by yet another stop-work order. [Lost City]

• A city audit revealed that Jake’s Steakhouse in Riverdale must pay $525,000 in back taxes. [NYP]