Boqueria Soho Introduces Sandwiches Para Llevar

Photo: Melissa Hom

Till now Despaña and Mercat were the only downtown spots where you could get damn good bocadillos to go, but this past week, Boqueria Soho jumped onboard the sandwich train by introducing a little thing known as lunch takeout. The part we’re especially excited about: A rotation of sandwiches, made with Grandaisy bread, that’ll change every month or so. Currently on offer: Atún (bonito tuna, egg, capers; $9), jamón (Serrano on Catalan tomato; $9), remolacha (roasted beets, egg, sheep’s milk; $8), and pato (duck confit, fig, tetilla cheese; $10). Our order came with a little container of olives. Takeout is available till 5:30 p.m.; delivery is still in the works.