Bobo’s Carlos Suarez on Why His Water Costs a Dollar


Bobo’s Carlos Suarez took some issue with the Post’s classification of his tap-water auto-charge as being a slimy recessionary survival tactic. On the contrary, says Suarez, the charge has been in place since the West Village mid-size opened in 2007. Plus, it all goes to charity! In a letter to the Post obtained by Grub Street, Suarez outlined some of the places the dollar glass of water supports. It has built a well in Ethiopia, paid for English-language classes and TOMS shoes for Bobo staff, paid for the restaurant’s membership in the CSA Farm program, and other things that jive with Bobo’s notion of “coco,” or collective consciousness. “The program was instituted as part of a conscious plan to minimize the waste and environmental impact caused by serving bottled water,” Suarez writes. “In total bobo has donated tens of thousands of dollars, generated by the $1 guest water charge, to support many social and environmental projects of which the owners, staff and patrons of bobo are quite proud.”

Coco [Bobo]