First Look at Blue Ruin, the New Two-for-One Happy Hour in Hell’s Kitchen


A spot check last night revealed that Pony Bar has indeed opened (it was packed, and Pony Express brewery tours are already in the works), and the other new Hell’s Kitchen bar, Blue Ruin, opened last night as well. Here’s your first look at the latter. Despite a partner who bartended at Hogs & Heifers for seven years and other barmaids who worked at Red Rock West, there won’t be country music on the old-fashioned jukebox you see here (by old-fashioned we mean it plays CDs). The two-for-one happy hour is from 5 p.m. till 8 p.m.— the rest of the night, PBR and Schlitz are $2 and Miller High Life is $3. Owner Kal Narvilas can promise you this much about tomorrow’s grand opening: “I’m going to be giving away fuckin’ booze!” Folks, it’s that kind of place.

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