Beatrice Inn’s Shuttering Leaves Hipsters Temporarily Homeless

Photo: Yun Cee Ng

Nightlifers were in a tizzy today because the Beatrice Inn was shut down over the weekend. The Observer unearthed a Buildings Department report indicating the closing was due to overcrowding, and others revealing that the owners owe the city $23,000 in fines. Paul Sevigny won’t address rumors of busted celebrity noses and underage drinking, but tells Steve Lewis that a “free Bea” party is in the works. (We also hear Sevigny is D.J.-ing Lewis’s anniversary party at Greenhouse this week.) Of the regulars, Sevigny says, “the place was their living room and it’s basically like locking them out of their apartments.” Sniff. (We mean “sniff” in a sad way, not in the other way.)