First Look at Bar Artisanal, Now Open for Business


Trigo’s awning was replaced by Bar Artisanal’s and the “bar du fromage” was set up just a scant few hours ago, but the Artisanal spinoff is up and running right now, with Terrance Brennan making the rounds in chef whites. Between the nasty weather and tonight’s extremely limited menu (walk-ins are being seated at the bar and have a choice of just a burger and a Caesar salad, with a few other menu items possibly being added later on in the night), you’ll definitely want to wait till tomorrow’s official opening. In the meantime, take a look at the new cheese bar (the dining room is pretty much the same as when it belonged to Trigo).

Update: The restaurant’s rep tells us that the dishes that were served last night at the bar were hold-over dishes from Trigo. Rest assured, Caesar salad will not be on the menu when Bar Artisanal opens tonight.

Bar Artisanal, 268 W. Broadway, nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-925-1600